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Things I'm Digging This Completely Bizarre Christmas, 2020

I can't lie about this. I WANT to be able to share all things fluffy and feel good but the truth is, I'm SO NOT feeling festive this year. Kudos to those of you who have shopped, wrapped, put up trees and lights and whatever the heck else you may have planned. I bought some poinsettias but I'm so "meh" this year, I'm getting on my own nerves about it. Of course this year has been unlike any other and it's challenges have contributed to my feeling this way. I can't help but wonder however, how much my hormones are impacting my low spirits. Winter, Covid, hormones, anxieties and worries. It's all contributing I'm sure. And I can't help but think about how many more of us may be feeling alone and not coping well, whether we are actually alone or not.

A couple of days ago, while I was slogging around my apartment considering the depths of my brain fog, I remembered something my mother used to tell me when I was much younger and feeling especially pms-y. She'd say, "Just get into it. Eat the donuts, feel like shit and know it'll pass." My mom has a particular way with words but I have to say, these words gave me relief, permission perhaps, to just feel lousy. The pressure to feel "good, positive, hopeful," is great, and sometimes, I think we all need permission to just get into feeling not so hot and let that wave ride out. Certainly, if your mental health is suffering so much that you feel you may need to speak to a therapist or your doctor, please do. Please, don't suffer needlessly. But, if you're anything like I am these days perhaps you're just feeling kinda low and are able to conjure up enough hope to know that, this too, shall pass. The hormone troubles, the virus, the year in general, it's all going to pass. I'm just gonna have to ride this wave out. And you can too.

Anyway, I'm thinking of you all and wanted to share a handful of things that may perhaps give you a little holiday boost. Or, just a boost. Holiday not necessarily included.

I love A Christmas Carol and its many renditions and I want to check this one out. It sounds good and interesting and well casted and if you know me at all, you know I'm a mega fan of The Walking Dead. Well, all seasons with Andrew Lincoln in them anyway. He stars here as ole Ebenezer himself and I'm down with that. He's like Ebenezer with sex appeal? Sure.

Who isn't moved by Handel's Messiah? Here's a virtual sing-a-long to look forward to tonight, December 21st.

I love The New Yorker cartoons and these are Instagram's Favorites of 2020.

When people are healthy, travel is deemed safe and coffers are filled, it'll be fun to plan a trip somewhere. Honestly, Disney World is always on my list but these places sure are fun to dream about. And it's kind of uplifting to see images of this beautiful planet, you know?

Should you be a child of the 70s, you could not have lived through the era without hearing the beats of The Bee Gees. I am not ashamed to admit I currently have their music on my phone. I love The Bee Gees. HBO has a documentary about them. I'm into it.

If you can donate to those in need this holiday season, please do. Every dollar makes a difference to organizations or individuals in need. Here's an assortment to choose from. Giving to someone else, in one way or another, always helps to boost a mood and what makes for your mood-lift may mean so much more to someone in need. Perhaps one will speak to you:

Actors Fund

New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

The Food Bank of NYC

Girls Write Now

World Central Kitchen

100 Suits for 100 Men

The Environmental Defense Fund

On another note entirely: I Googled, "fashion trends, 2021, women over 50," "skincare trends, women over 50, 2021" and "hairstyles, 2021, women over 50," just for the fun and frivolity of it and came up with virtually nothing! Ladies, this is crap. Related "trends" pop up but the women featured don't even represent the over-40 crowd. Representation is still sorely lacking. It's easy to think otherwise given the insulation of communities we can create for ourselves on IG, but really, I should be able to Google "trends for women over 50, 2021," and have a slew of things to sort through, as well as women other than Helen Mirren to look at. Love Helen, but c'mon. So, here's to trendsetting and trailblazing in 2021!

Take it easy, Beauties, xo


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