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the meno memos

If I was podcasting I'd introduce this meno memos episode with Yana Mayerman in a really cool way because, well, it would just sound cooler to say, "In this week's podcast..." BUT, since that's not quite where this site is at yet, I'm sharing this zoom call which is frankly just as fun. Boob talk, hair talk, makeup, skin and bras are all covered in this call and Yana will always let you know where it's at with a loving hand but also a "do what you want and what makes you happy" attitude.

I've known stylist Yana Mayerman for the better part of 20 years and she is as vivacious and funny and full of advice as she's ever been, not just about clothes but also, now, about several things aging related, including going gray, makeup to "match," the importance of excellent undergarments and body awareness. Yana is funny and charming and I just Ioved spending this time with her. I expect you will too!

Hope you're all doing well, xo.


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