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Supplements: Episode Two

I Told You There Was More!

Here's what I like to call my Dr. Feelgood list of supplements. All keep you fresh and vibrant from the inside out, so, you know, youthful innards, youthful....."outards?" Haha, sure! Works for me!


Resveratrol is what's known as a polyphenol. Polyphenols are a family of plant compounds that protect the plant from things potentially harmful to it, like insects, pathogens and UV light. But, polyphenols also give these plants the vibrant colors we see and find beautiful. Polyphenols repair and protect. What's so great is that when we eat these plants, we absorb those same protections and benefit from both seen and unseen signs of aging. So, it's kind of like the things that make plants youthful and vibrant also make us youthful and vibrant. Resveratrol helps to lower inflammation, in both the body and the brain, decreasing the risk of developing brain problems as we age. Decreasing inflammation is always what we want to be aiming for. In addition, resveratrol supports the health of your joints. Another plus, huh? Resveratrol also reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes. It just goes on and on!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. Resveratrol helps to lower LDL, the bad cholesterol, while also increasing HDL, the good cholesterol. We know that cholesterol contributes to the formation of plaque that can block arteries so foods and supplements that can help to keep our arteries clean and clear is important. The foods listed below are those you should be eating on heavy rotation but the thing is, you'd have to eat A LOT of all of it to gain the benefits that resveratrol provides. Red wine, by the way, is also a source of resveratrol but you would have to drink way more than I'd ever want you to to benefit.

Foods That Provide:



Dark chocolate (over 70% cacao)





Evening Primrose

Processed from a flower native to the US Evening Primrose (EPO) provides the essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) that promotes a healthy balance of immune cells as well as promotes normal omega-6 fatty acid levels in the body. Whew, that's a mouthful. EPO is equally essential to brain and bone health. BUT, truth be told when I learned more about EPO, in walked my vanity wanting in on the convo, so the real truth is I started taking EPO to combat my perimenopausal breakouts which were really giving me a run for my money and I have to say, at this juncture, I feel like this supplement is the one that's doing the trick! Many women also report the EPO lessened their hot flashes but like so many other things, the response is subjective. Annoying, right? I mean c'mon! Also, keep in mind that some women report adverse side effects to this supplement including upset stomach, so best to take on an empty one if you can. Have to take the supplement for this one to get the most bang for your buck although there are some foods that'll help.

Foods That Provide:




I understand many believe collagen to be a fad but here's why I'm all in on this: Collagen is the "glue" that binds us together as humans. Composed of several amino acids, the building blocks of protein, there are at least 25 types of collagen. Humans have manly Types I-III. Type I is primarily in skin, tendon, vasculature, organs, and bone. Type II is in cartilage, and Type III is in connective tissue. Collagen gives structure to our skin, bones, muscles and joints. We want a hefty dose in order to look and function "youthfully."

The production of collagen declines as we age but environmental toxins play a part in this decline as well. Smoking, sugar consumption (just another reason to stay away from sugar, right?) and just living in the high toxicity world we do, all diminish the integrity of collagen in our bodies, so supplementation is critical. Know that whether you take a collagen powder, peptide or hydrolyzed collagen, they all offer the same benefits to skin, hair and nails, joints and bones, your gut and your brain! It's all good, baby.

Because collagen holds water it helps to plump the SKIN, lessening the appearance of wrinkles. As estrogen decreases so does its ability to support the structure, thickness and elasticity of our skin. This leaves us subject to wrinkling, sagging and crepiness. Collagen helps to combat this but it too will decrease as we age, therefore we gotta supplement, you dig? In addition, low collagen may reduce hair growth and contribute to hair thinning. Fun, right? Yep, the structure and integrity of strong nails and hair is also dependent on collagen.

I began taking collagen when I learned about it's benefits to the GUT. Collagen contains the amino acid glutamine which is healing to the structure of the gut lining. If you've heard of the term "leaky gut," you'll understand why collagen, and specifically glutamine, is critical to restoring and repairing those fissures in the gut (colon) that causes "leaky gut," allowing for optimal digestive function to be restored. I tried taking straight glutamine but interestingly, it can cause an uptick in arthritic pain, so that was that for me! When I learned of all the other benefits collagen provided I gave it a try, of course, and to my relief, no pain. All gain.

Finally, collagen is essential for the health of the SKELETAL system. The main purpose of collagen is to help your tissues withstand stretching and we've learned how that applies to the quality of the skin but we also see this in the integrity of our bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Collagen is pliable, remember that glue analogy, and decreases in collagen may also lead to shrinking and weakening muscles, joint pain, stiffness and less flexibility. Oof.

Foods That Provide:

Bone Broth (yep, it's not just a trend for no good reason)

Meat and yes, bones





Citrus fruits (and remember that Vitamin C connection)



Okay, so that was 3 more supps for you and if you think I'm done, you just don't know me in ways I wish to be known! Haha! We shall conclude with another Episode of Supplements I Take, Part 3, very soon.

If you'd like to know brands I recommend, please send me an email! You want high-quality all the time!!

Until then, much love Beauties! XO.


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