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For Your Consideration: Things I'm Digging

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

On Fashion, Beauty, Film, Food, Books, Art and Whatever Else Might Catch My Fancy This Week.

I love getting immersed in a book, don't you? Something about summer and lounging and learning and losing oneself in another's ability to entertain with words. I love that! Here are a few books on my coffee table this week. And yes, I read them interchangeably: Stephen King's The Outsider. I love a good scare and King just nails scary on paper every time.

The Archetype Diet by Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN ( I'm re-reading this one. I met James for a most valuable few sessions a couple of years ago and really wish I'd been able to continue on with her. She has an outstanding understanding of women's bodies and breaks down an approach to nutrition based on 4 defined archetypes. I'm a "Nurturer," through and through. She addresses not only the physical aspects of women's heath but even more importantly the physiological, emotional parts too. I love her, she helped change my life.

The Hacking of the American Mind by Robert Lustig, MD, MSL. I've just started this one so can't speak much to it but any dissertation that dives into how corporations have contributed to the numbing of my mind is a freeing of said mind and a solitary protest I must support.

Can't Not Mention These Women.

I'm an art lover and nothing brings me more joy than an afternoon museum visit in my beloved NYC. In light of this time of awakening for so many, I wanted to share the names of a few women who should be on your art loving minds:

Alexandra Kehayoglou is an artist who works primarily with textile materials from her studio in Buenos Aires. Her pieces are made with surplus materials, woven with a certain technique that sounds exceptionally crafty, original and tedious. I'm always amazed at what can be created with "leftovers." I'd never have thought of it, that's for sure. And it's beautiful and powerful.

Cara Romero, featured above, is a Native photographer working in my favorite place ever, Santa Fe, NM. Romero uses her medium to tell contemporary stories of Indigenous People while simultaneously highlighting Indigenous views and expressions in everyday life. I am loving her photos. I think they're brilliant.

Theresa Chromati is another artist I can't get enough of Her work is bold and intimate and charming and eye candy all at once. I love her work and you will too. She's done fabulous fashion collaborations as well that are so much fun to look at.

A Simple Little Smoothie

I know, just a smoothie? So much for my recipe debut! But hear me out a sec because, well, just hear me out. Smoothies are so good, so easy, so satisfying and a terrific way to incorporate plant based protein into your day. In the summer months especially, what's better than a meal you can grab and go enjoy your day with? Here's a favorite of mine. I've been rotating the berries used, so never a dull morning!

Berry Smoothie: 1 cup berry of choice (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry or blackberry, organic if you can), 3 tbsp of plant protein of choice. I use Shakeology and I switch it up between vegan chocolate or vegan vanilla. 1 tbsp of coconut oil (make it high quality, organic if you can, unrefined), 1 cup of almond milk (if you've got hemp or cashew, that's fine too)

1 cup of ice. Blend for a minute to incorporate all, pour and serve! Know that the berry you choose WILL stain your lips, but who doesn't like a stained lip?


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