• RachelH

Happy International Women's Day

I thought this day started on March 1st and I also thought we were celebrating us babes for the entire month. Are we still? Well, I'm gonna but I can't keep up with all "the days," you know this about me already.

In any case, I want to acknowledge and celebrate you women out there and tell you that we should be revered and celebrated every hour, every day, every month, every year, ha! We deserve every second of celebration.

Seriously though, we gals each have a story to share, a secret we hold, losses, loves, and many moments that have shaped us. We are ever growing and changing and learning to be stronger and more glorious than the day before. This takes perseverance the likes of which no man has ever seen.

I want us gals to feel empowered and healed and whole. I want us to feel good in our skin, our minds and our bodies. Healing takes courage but it leaves you strong and clear and hopefully, more compassionate. I hope that this blog would be a place to land and get some more courage and health and healing. Like the Land of Oz but better and not weird, wink-wink. Growing older is a privilege and a gift. Live it to your fullest. Every last second.

Cheers to you, Ladies! xo


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