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For Your Consideration: Things I'm Digging This Week

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We're approaching the middle of September and all I can do is shake my head. How can time feel like it's moving so slowly and so quickly simultaneously? It's like we're living in a warped reality! This is a year for the books.

Speaking of books, my friend Linda Done has written a thoughtful and literally poetic one on all things midlife. Everything Changes In Your 50s can be found on Amazon

It's fun and engaging and the illustrations are great. Check it out. She gives me inspiration to keep on being creative and keep on talking about things that matter!

Speaking of friends, my dear one turned me onto the Official Prince Podcast on Spotify

To know either of us is to know we love Prince but she especially L.O.V.E.S him and she's also an all things music genius and if she says "this podcast is interesting," she's right.

I love the paintings of Amy Sherald whose works include the portrait of former First Lady Michelle Obama, which now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery. She has painted a portrait of Breonna Taylor which is featured on this month's Vanity Fair magazine cover and it's beautiful. And poignant. Take a look and read the article

In other art news, I cannot tell you how I excited I am about The Met hiring it's first Native American curator! You can read about her here

Representation from all angles is what I'm all about and this makes me happy. Plus, you all know know I love The Met, so, I'm glad they're doing good things.

Did you know there's a Makeup Museum in NYC that recently opened?

I'm not that much of a makeup person so I can't imagine an entire space dedicated to it, outside of Sephora, but I see they have a digital archive of the journals of legendary makeup artist Kevin Aucoin and I have fond memories of meeting him once, at The Met actually, and he really was a doll. Their opening exhibit is titled Pink Jungle 1950s Makeup in America. I can wrap my head around that. They also highlight a necessary conversation about colorism with their display of vintage Jet Magazine covers, which opens up a whole other can of worms about advertisements for skin lightening products and what that says to black and brown women. All women, actually. Sigh. In addition, there's attention given to drag culture, which I think too often overlooked in conversations about beauty and femininity. So, now that I think of it, maybe I am more into makeup than I thought! Ha! It'll be interesting to see how a new, small museum has approached opening their doors in the age of Covid. From what I've read, they had to refigure a lot, so kudos to them. I'm looking forward to checking them out and I'm curious to see if they've included older women and makeup in their exhibits....hmmmmm......might I be having a conversation with curatorial staff? I'll keep you posted!

Happy weekend, Beauties!


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