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I'm a day late and a dollar short getting my week's wrap up out to you. I have no good excuse, just moving slowly this week. In any case, I hope you all are well and feeling fine. And for those of you new subscribers, welcome to the blog! You'll find a blend of midlife musings here, a hefty dose of stuff on food, because I'm a big believer that nutrition and food as medicine is a great jump off point to addressing our peri and menopausal symptoms. It's not everything, I know, but I have found a great deal of healing and tempering my own symptoms and autoimmune condition by addressing what goes on in the kitchen. So, I want to share what I've learned and lived with you! I hope it'll be helpful. Finally, I do this kind of post where I share things that have grabbed my attention over the course of the week, perhaps you also might find of interest! I'm a fan of the arts, so you'll see a good amount of that here. Enjoy!

I mentioned wanting to see this exhibit recently and if you're in/around NYC and able, you can get tkts here.

The weird thing about actors from our childhood is that they become imprinted on your brain at the age you watched their show. How actress Justine Bateman (remember Family Ties?) grew up and became a real live adult is entirely bizarre to me. But anyway, she's written a book on stuff us midlifers might find interesting. I want to read it.

Really, really want to see this artist's exhibition too. This article taught me much about her life.

Lawyer/playwright speaks to the epidemic on violence against Native women in this country. Absolutely abhorrent and heartbreaking but so important for all of us to step into this fight on behalf of Indigenous women. This is unacceptable.

I'm in a blended family and for years, the hubs used drive a distance to a pick up/drop off spot to retrieve my step-daughter and bring her back home for the weekend. The entire thing, everything about it, from the drive to the dramas, were strained and super stressful for me and I had so much anxiety about their arrival on these designated Friday nights. With a few hours to myself (or with my son, if he was home), I'd flip on What Not To Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. I'd get lost in the start-to-finish experience of women who often, you learned over the course of an hour, didn't feel so good about themselves. With compassion and a good dose of, "Stop your mess, Girl," the dynamic duo cracked open the shell of a swan and off she went to conquer her world, looking fierce and feeling wonderful. This was like the best few hours of my week. Other than the big reveal at the end, purging the useless wardrobe of the guest was my favorite part of the show! Ha! Anyway, who didn't want to be Stacy's friend? Now, with her new venture as CEO of state of menopause, she is bringing her empathy, leadership and thoughtfulness to the conversation around and about menopause to all of us. Some people you just LIKE, you know? I don't know, it's chemical maybe. But I think that some people really want to know and learn and listen and Stacy is one of those people. She's shining a brighter spotlight onto the conversation about menopause as only a true friend does. Also, she seems like a real "ride-or-die" kinda babe, you know? I dig that. I'm really looking forward to seeing where she leads this company, which I suspect will become a real powerhouse of a community. Wherever it lands, we'll all benefit, I know.

Happy weekend, beauty. xo.


Puerto Rican activist, Mercedes Arroyo, Alice Neel 1952

Stacy London, Instagram, @stacylondonreal & @shopstateof


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