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This is the weirdest thing to ask but, is anyone else feeling hints of anxiety about returning to "normal?" I put normal in quotes because I know it'll be a new normal, but do any of you know what I mean? Just being back out in the world again in a relatively regular way, seems, I don't know, kind of unnerving. I'm not sure if it's my introversion screaming, "I'll just skip that back-to-the-world thing, thanks!" or the anxiety of what we lived through this last year, but I'm definitely feeling like I'm gonna be slow about my resurfacing. With that said, I can't offer enough love and compassion to those who have suffered personal losses this past horrific year, nor can I offer enough thanks to those who took such care of so many in the face of impossible challenges. I know we're not out of the woods yet but there is light at the end of a tragic tunnel and I'm thankful.

Anyway, here's what I was digging this past week:

Graham dancers in a dynamic piece on women's empowerment. I actually really loved watching it this way too.

I've been streaming Genius: Aretha on Hulu and Cynthia Erivo is one talented singer. Aretha is not an easy voice to replicate and Erivo does, I think, an incredible job here. Plus, the music is...well, I mean, it's Aretha...

This 57-foot-long scroll I must see in person this spring. What an amazing piece of art.

Gut microbiome talk and aging is right up my alley, so....

I was lucky enough to have worked at the information desk of The Metropolitan Museum of Art on semester breaks all through college and you meet all kinds of people there, you can imagine. Some of the most special people I got to know were the security guards who were largely unseen and almost always artists in their own right, musicians, sculptors, actors. My mother sent this piece along to me and I just love it. My husband is also an artist and we have long convos about art and what it constitutes all the time. This piece helps brings the answer into focus, I think.

Finally, this artist has beautiful work.

Happy weekend, Beauties. xo.


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