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For Your Consideration: Things I'm Digging

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Haven't shared one of these in a while! Honestly, I think my creative juices, interests, mojo has been a little paralyzed. Stress, I guess, you know? But, a couple of things have gotten me jazzed up of late and kind of kickstarted my engine again, so I wanted to share with you what those things were this week!

These portraits by artist Rosso Emerald Crimson, featured above, are beautiful oil paintings of women and girls. Happy Women's Everything Month, by the way.

This article on Black potters and British Ceramics was cool.

Have you seen this Netflix series? My son told me about it a long time ago and we're just getting to it and it's so good. Each episode features the story and creative process of an artist/designer, of some genre, and I'm really enjoying it. Watching people's creative talents and gifts unfold into what we get to then enjoy really gets my blood flowing!

Also on Netflix, hubs and I rewatched Better Call Saul and the main female character Kim Wexler, played so well by actress Rhea Seehorn, is worth watching the series for. I just really like seeing a "can't get out of her own way, may derail her life" character, ha! What's wrong with me?! Seehorn plays this one so well and if you're a Breaking Bad fan you should watch this anyway. It's just as great.

I just watched Nomadland starring Frances McDormand which was really, really good. I love her. David Strathairn also stars, and I mean, why not?

Lately, I've been super into the practice of Pilates. Sure, it's just nice to switch up workouts periodically but I think I'm just drawn to the mind-body connection it encourages in quite a different way, I think, than yoga does. I've been following MickiPhit Fitness and I love her. I "know" her from IG but she doesn't know I'm plugging her here. If you're looking for real instruction on this practice and a really terrific instructor, check Micki out! You can also find her on IG, of course @mickiphit.

Happy weekend, Beauties! xo.


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