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For Your Consideration: Things I'm Digging

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I've talked about this somewhere, sometime before but I'm saying it again: my skin is not what it used to be and certain fabrics make me cringe. Literally. When I was a younger woman listening to older women (spoken with an eye roll) say they could "only wear cashmere," I would internally eye roll so hard my own head would spin. Now, I'm kind of thinking, "Uhhhh, sorry about that, Ladies."

Here are some sweaters I have an eye on that I thought might keep us warm and itch-less through this season. They seem to fit my super important criteria: feel good and look good enough to run out to the mailbox looking cute, ya know? Haha!

I love the gently oversized, relaxed shoulder shape of this sweater. Uniqlo has affordable cashmere and I kind of like this one. It's standard-schmandard, smart and preppy if you want to go that route.

If I get my butt out of the house at all this winter on a very cold day, I'd like to think a cozy turtleneck like this would make it worth the trip. This one is definitely "I have somewhere to be so let me look like I tried." This one, boxy and two-toned, I just think it's kind of cool.

This alpaca one is a bit pricier but I had to share because I love a t-shirt knit and the color makes me want to eat anything pumpkin flavored. For those of you not on that pumpkin wagon, think cinnamon. Think cinnamon in pie. Apple pie. I'm drifting...

Not exactly a sweater but far be it from me to quibble about "home fashion" at it's finest. I would call this sweatshirt a sweater and not think twice. Stripes is always clutch. A striped cowl neck? Nice.

A wrap sweatshirt is really veering off the rails but honestly, this hits all the marks for me: cozy, cute, practical and pretty. A v-neck for a change.

For those of you animal print lovers out there. Finally, something super feminine which I always gravitate towards and then regret because in the end, I'm just a little too hippy-dippy, but for those of you able to thread that needle, here's a little 40s inspired romance.

On an entirely different subject, I love this. I love my hometown, New York City. And I hope this'll put a smile on your face too. If nothing else, let it inspire you this weekend to turn up the volume on something you love to listen to and have at it in your living room.

Happy weekend, Beauties, xo.

*My sweater courtesy of The Meek Boutique.


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