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Well, we're days away from Halloween and I'm not sure how you're celebrating, or not, but I am thinking about a run to CVS for a bag of Twizzlers. And maybe some microwave popcorn. Call it a longing for the past when this time of year was normal and catching the annual NYC Halloween Parade was surely in my plans. While I knaw on plastic red candy, I may choose something goulish-ly festive to watch from this list and perhaps you will too. I love this pic of actress Teresa Graves from a 1974 film Vampira, later re-titled Old Dracula.

In keeping with the Halloween, ghosts, sci-fi theme haunting my head, have I mentioned that actress Sigourney Weaver is a personal fan fave of mine? I saw her once in the City and let me tell you, she IS in fact really tall. I enjoyed this article featuring Weaver last week in The New York Times' Style Magazine. And the photos of her were great. She looks terrific.

It's puzzle season again and keep in mind, Gals, puzzling is good for an aging brain! Here's one of my favorite puzzle makers. Is it "puzzle maker" or "puzzle manufacturer?" Anyway, stock up soon if you're into this particular activity because they'll sell out for sure. Here are some others for you to consider:

This female owned birding gear company, of all things, had some really unusual ones.

I would never attempt this one as it would frustrate me to no end, but for those of you tenacious types, good luck.

This company promises to "keep you entertained for days." I think so.

The vibe of all of these puzzles I like very much.

And finally, I would be remiss if I ignored the classics this company offers.

After puzzling, perhaps a read through this Stevie Nicks interview. She's always been witch-y and seasonal, no? Anyway, I love her and Fleetwood Mac has, strangely, been on heavy rotation lately. What would this time of year be without an image of Stevie? And, on another note, what was happening in the 70s? Wild decade.

Enjoy this trailer for The Crown, Season 4. Listen, I'm a bit of a freak about all British monarchy stuff. Go ahead, roll your eyes, it's okay, I get it. I like to daydream, okay? Ha! I remember where I was for the weddings, the tragic death and the baby reveals. So, I'm not ashamed to say I'm looking forward to this coming season.

Finally, here's a virtual exhibition, currently at The Morgan Library, of assemblage artist Betye Saar. Two of her pieces I feature here, The Loss of Innocence and Tantric Tray, respectively.

The entire exhibit, and story behind her works, is really interesting and I just want to remind you all, and myself, that we can still have an experience with art at this time. Although we may not be able to see works in person, take the time to be around art. Art is a soul healer!


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