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If you see me on Instagram at all you know that my IGTV is full of videos I've done for and I don't think I've ever mentioned them to you yet here! You gotta check them out. They're a community of women supporting and sharing any and all challenges and suggestions for dealing with this season of life. Their Facebook group is also a terrific resource, and honestly, a safe space to share whatever you may be experiencing or have questions about related to peri/menopause. There's a lot of real and honest venting going on and a ton of welcoming women.

Carnegie Hall is having it's 130th Anniversary Season, Opening Night Gala virtually this year and their line up appears to be pretty special. A little something for everyone, including: Renee Fleming, Rhiannon Giddens and Our Native Daughters, Wynton Marsalis and James Taylor.

Did you know that September was Menopause Awareness Month? How did I miss it?! Also, is it terrible of me to feel like I can't keep up with all the "Awareness Months?" Should you be wanting to decipher information on your own, you might want to check out North American Menopause Society (NAMS) and see all that's going on there. It's an encyclopedia for us gals on this very extraordinary topic.

I Googled something "self help" related recently, and no, I don't remember what the heck I was needing "help" with, ha! Anyway, I came across this list of self help books and thought it a nice broad compilation and that perhaps you might be into at least one of them!

I'm guilty of not reading all of my emails the day I get them. I'm sorry (my head is currently hanging very low). But! I saw this article with actress Thandie Newton, from July, I know, I know, JULY?! My eyes are rolling about me too, BUT! It's a great article and I'm so glad I saved it to share with you, ha!

I'm not a huge jazz fan, I feel like I should have acquired a taste by now, but, well.....I haven't. I know, I've tried, I'm sorry! I do love Ella Fitzgerald's voice though and this was a really nice commentary on her newly "unearthed" recordings from Berlin, 1962, performances all recorded in her mid-40s.

If you're looking for something to stream this weekend, consider Schitt's Creek. I'm likely last to the Creek party but, it's a gem. Quirky and funny and poignant, you come to love all the characters and want to hang out with them. Here's some of menopausal mom, Moira.

Happy Friday, Beauties! xo.


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