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Is it just me or are you also feeling worn OUT?! More than worn out, maybe just overwhelmed? We need a vacation! But since we're still homebound, I want to encourage you to find little ways of escaping, you know, shoring up your spirit! Did I hear someone say "online shopping?"

I'm loving these boots from a fabulous boutique shop in Old Greenwich, CT. Lily's feels much like you walked into your best girlfriend's shoe and accessory closet and plan to stay until you've tried everything on. Owner Audrey Aguilar opened her boutique, launching a second career after years in finance (never too late, ladies, right?!) and you can get a feel of her style and sensibilities here

I saw these boots on IG @lilyoldgreenwich and I'm oh so desirous. They are everything I want in a fall boot: sassy, classic, sexy and comfortable! The one time I leave the house this Fall, I hope to be wearing these.

Every OTHER day, however, I'll be looking to wear all things cozy-comfy from my head to my toes. I suppose jumpsuits might be the way to go if you're still home full time. Cute, relaxed and tastefully chic, you look dressed and ready to go somewhere, anywhere, if you had to. I tried one on ONCE and my short waist made it look somehow like I had a diaper on but I may be willing to give this a try

The warmer weather window may be closing fast but this linen number might get a few wears with any luck. And certainly with a jacket or cardigan handy

I also love this utility one from Everlane, although on me, it may push that lady-in-a-diaper look

This one is right up my alley. I could throw this on, get in a barre workout at home, mask up and head out the door for a market run

I don't know what it is about this one, because I could never pull it off, but for those of you with long legs (you know who you are, damn you) and a party to look forward to, I'm thinking this vegan leather one has your name all over it

The Museum of Art & Design in NYC is hosting their annual MAD Ball this year on zoom which I got excited about until I saw the price of the tickets, which are a fortune, if I've read it correctly. In any case, the event will feature a conversation with artist Judy Chicago, who I love and you can learn more about her here

Not only do I love her work but her style is boss. Check her out if you have a moment.

I'm wanting to delve further into studying impacts of peri and menopause on women of color. I found this article online and I thought it worth sharing with you

Like so many other things, the natural experience of aging may impact Native, Latin and Black women differently, more profoundly and more negatively. Sigh.......But really, the impact is felt by all of us women in the end, you know? We're all in this together, Sisters.

Happy week, All, xo


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