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Another Oscar season from home. Well, it's always from home for me. Did they even have the Oscars last year? I can't remember! I can blame hormones or quarantine for that; take your pick. This is a sweet lead up to this year's award ceremony.

If you know me at all, you know I can go on and on, rightly so, about representation in all things. Certainly, the conversation about peri and menopause is yet another place where this needs to expand. Here's an interesting article brought to my attention by @hotflashinc Follow her, if you're not already. She's a journalist and gets the scoop on all things pertinent to this community. From apps to products to informing us about the menopausal experiences of women around the world, Ann Marie is helping us all grow closer.

Speaking of representation, I feel like there's a lack of stories highlighting LGBTQ peri/meno experiences. Everyone should get to share what they want, when they want, but I can't lie, I'd like to see much more of this. Inclusivity is paramount.

A new biography on playwright Lorraine Hansberry, who sadly died so young, sounds really rich and fascinating and I always loved Hansberry.

Another 3 minutes on Hollywood, but this is all about costume designers. Loved this.

Last week's focus for the meno memos on IG was all about sex but I'm really wanting to dive deeper into the psychological effects of peri and menopause. That's one of the things that nudged me to start this blog! This article speaks to that. As does this one.

Michelle Pfeiffer is back and seems dark and gloomy here but, that's cool. She also seems pretty funny.

I haven't been to The Botanical Garden in years! This exhibit I'll make the trek for.

To my fellow late 60s-70s people, if this doesn't give you fond memories and renewed hope for a better world, I'm not sure what will.

Happy weekend, beauties. xo.


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