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Happy Friday, or "Whew! We Made it Through Another Week!"

Personally, I found this one to be a doozy. Life is just stressful these days and it isn't always easy to find relief from that, you know?

I had a chance to speak with Lori Massicot from @to50andbeyondpodcast and I so enjoyed it. Actually, although I was SO nervous I was sweating, it was the highlight of my week! Lori is a kind, thoughtful, gracious open book. She's a true delight who works with women over 40 wanting to live a sober life. If you missed the interview you can find it on my IGTV. I'm having visions of podcasting in my future. Yep, that's right, I said it. I love talking to women who've been through stuff. Sounds ridiculous, I know. Who among us hasn't been through stuff? I just love hearing the stories of others and hope that in sharing one it helps the many. I mean, doesn't it just help us all feel less alone?

Speaking of podcasts, are you a fan? I love them. Back when I had reason to drive somewhere I would often listen to Fresh Air, Terry Gross's program on NPR . Now I listen to them with my ear plugs in but that's fine with me because I can also indulge my fascination with people's very dark psychoses with scary, true-life story podcasts like, Sword and Scale Dark, I know! What's the matter with me?!

The Bentonville Film Festival? Have you heard about this? I hadn't either and I came across it and am very interested in finding out more. The actress Geena Davis, Beetlejuice fans, raise your hands, has made inclusion in all sorts of media a focus of her organization and I'm all about it. Learn more here

Some museums and galleries in the Tri-State area where I live have opened recently but many more major institutions are going to open their doors in the coming weeks. It will definitely nudge me to visit NYC and take a walk up to my favorite, The Met Museum but until then, I'll enjoy continuing my exploration for artists across the globe that I just dig! Shown above is the intensely beautiful work of Stephens is quilt maker and whoa, I mean, just incredible pieces she creates. When I was in graduate school for Museum Education, I took a quilting class. It's not easy and I loved it. Didn't stick with it but I can really appreciate the effort that has gone into Stephens's African American Story quilts.

If you're feeling like supporting a Museum in other ways, The Museum of Art and Design in NYC is still closed but the shop is not! Check it out, it's chock full of goodies

I see Hulu added The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) to it's platform and I've saved it to my stuff. If you want to watch a movie that's kind of like poetry come to cinematic life, this is a good one. So is the filmThe New World (2005) for that matter (Amazon).

Happy weekend, All.


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