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For Your Consideration: Things I'm Digging

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I recently ventured out of quarantine to get my eyebrows shaped. I know, let the eye rolling ensue, but I now require reading glasses to do the job myself and I butchered them so badly I had to obtain the help of a professional. Sadly, in order to make me look human again, she had to tweeze the hell out of what remained. Thankfully, I have this recently launched Rodan+Fields product on hand and let me tell you, Brow Boost is saving my face right now. It's like the best mascara, wand and all, for your brows. It does what it says it will and the color is a perfect match. I am NOT a R+F consultant but my homegirl is and if you're skittish about purchasing from a MLM, I get it, but have no fear, my sweet friend will not nag you and you can make the purchase without becoming a committed, long term customer. Pinky promise. You can take a look and order direct from Susan here

I'm streaming the The Great British Baking Show on PBS and for your own sustained peace of mind I suggest you do too. Maybe it's the accents? Maybe it's the mixed bag of contestants? Maybe it's all the baking I know I'll never do because I'm no baker and can't be bothered so I get to just appreciate the efforts of others? I think it's simply that even though these bakers are competing for an etched cake plate, an amazing bouquet of flowers and forever bragging rights, they are all so dang nice to each other! It's super comforting to see such well behaved people these days. When a baker is bumped off the show even the judges go in for a, "You did a great job and we're so sorry to have to do this to you," hug. My kind of let down.

I'm loving the works that creates. I mean, wow, just wow. Elegant, vast, sculptural, ethereal. Love. Enjoy the rapture.

Think Klimt meets brown people when you soak in the work of Her photography is all so rich and compelling. I find I keep looking closer and closer at her pieces just to make sure I didn't miss anything. I love that!

I don't know what it is about these sandals but I saw them on IG and I'm kind of obsessing Some things I just can't explain. If you're in the market for something a little blingy and comfy, these may be right up your alley. I know this shoe mention is random as anything but that's what this section is for! Enjoy!


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