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Conversations with perry.

Nurse Jackie Gianelli of Elektra Health

OK, let me just say, I LOVE Nurse Jackie Gianelli. A family nurse practitioner certified by the North American Menopause Society, Nurse Jackie is also a founding clinical member at Electra Health. She is ALSO the assistant medical director at Maze Women’s Sexual Health. Jackie is so lovely and smart and funny and thoughtful about women and their reproductive system! I would always want her on my team, no matter the team. I had the opportunity to speak to her about Painful Sex and of course the conversation was informative and empathetic and full of science. Head over to the perry website to download the free app so that you can listen to the entire call but here are some clips.

Gals, I'm super stoked about these conversations, can I tell you? I love speaking to women who are so invested in helping women live healthy, happy lives. So far I've spoken with a psychiatrist, a thyroid specialist, an entrepreneur, and soon, I'll be speaking with a urologist with a podcast!

Anyway, enjoy and I hope you're all doing well! xo


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