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Dr. Crystal Clark

Many of you know that I'm a fan of the perry. community for some time now. I've noted them several times here on the blog and certainly on my IG feed. If you're not yet in the know, perry. has a private facebook group where women of a certain age and season of life can share all kinds of questions, thoughts, concerns and humor, lots of humor, thankfully, on all things midlife and especially all things related to perimenopause. It's a wonderfully supportive and vibrant group of gals and I've been honored to share videos of my own musings for them over the past year or so. Now, I have the extra special pleasure of doing interviews with all kinds of interesting women related to the subject of peri and menopause and let me tell you, among other things, I have learned more about my vagina and yours than I ever thought possible, ha! Seriously though, it's been a real joy for me to meet so many and learn so much, sharing it all live with YOU and I'm so looking forward to future interviews. We have on tap a midlife coach, a nutritionist, an entrepreneur, a urologist with so much to say about midlife and sex. I cannot wait for these conversations and I want to encourage you to go to to download the perry. app so that you can not only watch (and participate, ask questions, listen and learn) LIVE when these interviews happen but also watch them later should you not be able to make meeting. These talks will live on the app forever, so to see them, ya gotta get the app. And it's free, so download it today!

I got to interview Dr. Crystal Clark, a psychiatrist specializing in women's reproductive mental health, and the conversation was so thoughtful and helpful to each of us. Dr. Clark has a real heart for women struggling as a result of, among other things, but primarily hormonal challenges. She also shares several resources that you can have in your arsenal of mental health care should you, or another in your inner circle, feel the need. Here's a bit of our convo...

Head on over to for more and hope to see you for the next Conversation!



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