• RachelH

Blue Corn Fish Tacos and Slaw

If you love fish tacos, you know. It's one of those recipes that real chefs have their own special spin on. Proprietary, right!? Yikes. I'm not that fancy. I'm also not that into anything complicated in the kitchen anymore. This easy lunch came together fast and the ingredients were what I had on hand. The flavors are endless, especially if you're going to make it from scratch. How do you like your fish prepared? Make it as you would and toss it with leafy greens, microgreens, whatever. White fish, great! But a fatty fish like salmon would be nothing short of delicious. I had leftover seabass, which is nice and thick and makes for a not too messy taco. Don't have the ingredients for a traditional slaw? That's ok. Make a simple chopped salad, dress it and toss on top. Here I had an organic bag of prepared slaw and I tossed it with fresh lime juice, evoo, salt, pepper and a pinch or red pepper flakes. Avocado, know the drill. Easy peasy, fast, fresh and healthy.

One other thing: I had these organic blue corn tortillas in the fridge and they made all the difference. If you can get corn, use it. Flour tortillas are fine but the corn is something special. Get organic, if you can, as corn, we know, is a heavily sprayed with pesticides and all that "ew."

Enjoy, beauty. xo.


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