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2020, You've Been A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year.

BUT, there were a few highlights worth mention.

I love year end lists! I rolled my eyes when they started showing up in my inbox though because all I kept thinking was, "this year has been so immensely horrible, who wants to recall anything?!" But, because I love year end lists, I got sucked in. You've likely seen them all already, sorry about that, I'm often late to the party. But just in case, here are some fun ones. Enjoy.

Late night TV comedy comes through in the clutch.

I check and see what's cookin' here everyday. Without fail. That's how much I like food. Ha!

Poetess sums up the year from hell for us.

There's a lot I didn't read this year and I'll start with this list of mentions.

Really broad list of movies to get to, if you haven't already.

I'm fussy about art and artists because I find it insane that they should ever be "ranked." It's so subjective! And although I'm not an artist I resent that any would go hungry while others reap everything because someone said it should be so. I'm sharing this list because I love art and the artists who create.

I know nothing about music other than what I like which is admittedly stuck in another time. The 70s, ok?! But, music need be represented here and I promise to give a listen.

It's the end of the road for you, 2020. You were a terrible guest and I'm so glad you're finally leaving. Despite what a jerk you've been, I did manage to make some personal gains and I'm now going to show them off to you so you can leave this decade feeling worse than you should. Ha!

To begin, I finally launched this very blog! This was a big deal for me. I've wanted to blog for years because I'm so opinionated, ha! But, I thought, "who wants to hear what I have to say?!" It took a little time to realize that what I should talk about publicly was what I kept droning on about privately! Why, my menopausal maladies, of course. Perhaps, I presumptively thought, strangers would find my bitching as exciting as my dear family does. Haha! Deciding on my niche was one thing but the terrible brain fog continues to be a hurdle. Oh, and I'm also a world class procrastinator, so writing with regularity just because I really want to is a biggie for me. Oh, and I forgot to mention I forget things now. A lot.

I have to thank all of YOU for this opportunity. It has been my biggest pleasure getting to know many of you here and on IG. I set out to speak about my peri/menopausal experience and not only did I learn so much and meet so many of you, I made new friends! I tell you ladies, there is nothing we can't get through together. NOTHING. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me and thank you for allowing me the space to do the same.

If you're still looking for midlife related people and platforms to connect with, here are some I got to know over the course of this completely wacky year. I adore the ladies mentioned here and am so inspired by all their work:

The perimenopausal badass ladies of the heyperry community.

The powerhouse Woolfer Community.

This menopausal journalist does so much work bringing real information about any and all things midlife-related by scouring the globe for resources and people who know what's best for us. We hang out on zoom calls together and she's beyond delightful. I wanna hang out in person with her and another beautiful soul I had the pleasure of meeting over zoom. Our time as a trio wasn't enough and zoom does not suffice.

I love this lady. There's just something about her and her honesty and kindness. She's an open book and I think being so is a gift to us all. If you're in midlife and wanting to take a look at your relationship with alcohol especially, head over and introduce yourself.

I had another zoom meet with this beauty who is also bringing so much knowledge to the peri/menopausal community! So funny, real, informative, check her out if you have not yet.

There are so many other ladies I have "met" that I have not mentioned here because they're "private citizens" who I have quiet relationships with via DM and it must be said that I am so lucky to have connected with you and I wish you ALL, personal friends, social media friends, family, a most Happy and Healthy New Year!! I wish much love, health, peace and all the kinds of success we want and deserve in the new year. Let's send this 2020 sucker off with a bang, shall we?

Much love, Beauties, xo.


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